Tanzanite Gemstones Buying Guide

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All about the Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite is the youngest gemstone. Due to its blue/violet hues, it is a member of Zoisite family. Because of the presence of vanadium it has blue color in it. The discovery of this gemstone was made by member of Masai tribe in the year 1967 while they were out for bush walking.


Where does it come from?
The stone is found in only single place across the globe, Tanzania the country in Africa. It was founded in the foothills of world famous Mount Kilimanjaro and can only be mined within 4 sq kilometer. It was named after its country of origin by Tiffany & co.

Rarity of Tanzanite
Due to reason it can be mined within four square kilometer area made it rare automatically. It is becoming more difficult every day to find top quality size and color. In fact it is hundred times rarer than diamond. According to geographical research the chances of finding tanzanite in the other places is less than a million to one.

How precious it is?
Without any doubt, it posses all the three traits needed to described stone as precious which are durability, beauty and rarity. And we have already discussed how much rare it is? It has all the important traits to make it precious gemstone in every sense throughout the world.

Origin of Tanzanite
It was discovered in the year 1967 by Massai tribesmen. After a bush fire they heated the rough stone to convert it into astonishing bluish color. In 1968 it was presented to the tiffany & co. that gifted this gemstone of that century to the world.

Color of Tanzanite
The color of the stone varies from the royal blue the rich violet. After the cutting and polishing the stone become blue, lilac, periwinkle and indigo shades. The feature of the stone is that it looks different in different types of lights. According to the GIA, the best saturated tanzanite is found in stones over 5 carats.

Modern tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite becomes popular after the release of epic movie titanic starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DeCaprio. In the movie, Kate flaunts the stunning style of tanzanite pendant. Later on many actresses used this stone for many big occasions such as Oscars. Penelope Cruz is one the celebrities who prefer tanzanite. Now days Tanzanite Rings with white and yellow gold are very popular as wedding and engagement rings.

Way to buy pure tanzanite


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